Fresh Approaches Drive Program Innovations

AIM Alberta continues to evolve the Collaborative model it pioneered across this province.

By consulting with stakeholders and refining its delivery, AIM is currently introducing fresh, innovative approaches – either underway now or soon to be implemented – with the goal of helping more clinics achieve improvements in access and efficiency. In the process, Alberta’s leader in primary-care quality improvement is achieving efficiencies in its own program delivery as well.

Pull quote Debra RichardsIn partnership with the Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network, AIM began this summer to deliver a groundbreaking Collaborative – AIM 25 – in which AIM and the PCN co-design and co-deliver each Collaborative for that PCN’s participating clinics. This builds the PCN’s capacity while staying true to the access and efficiency principles AIM has refined over the course of its two dozen previous Collaboratives.

“AIM’s goal is that PCNs gain some ownership over how they support and sustain access improvement across their member practices,” says AIM’s program manager, Tony Mottershead. “We just want to provide the additional supports that will ensure success.

The shift sees AIM continue to provide knowledge and expertise in the form of faculty, facilitator coaching and development, and online courses. At the same time it frees AIM administrative staff to work at arm’s length and in other capacities.

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